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What Twitter Username Should I Use for My Business Account?



We wanted to take a minute and address a question that we get repeatedly. What name should I use for my business Twitter username? Should I use my own name or my business name?

As Social Media continues to explode so does the phenomenon known as transparency. With transparency we continue to see the separation between personal and business disappear and with the disappearance of the business personal separation, we see people wanting to know who the owner is. More often than not, people want to put a face and a name with a  business.


"A New Economy is Emerging Before Us! Those Who Recognize and Harness it Will Profit Greatly.....Will You be One of Them"?

For businesses at a local level we recommend that (unless your business/brand is known widely) it’s best to use your actual name. This is because the power of Social Media Marketing is driven by the ability to connect with people on a personal level. They aren’t going to become good friends with a company or brand, they want to become friends with you! Then..... good friends become the most loyal customers!

Remember...there is always the option of maintaining 2 Twitter accounts 1 with your personal name and one with your business name.

Based on results with our clients; when you service 2 Twitter accounts and post the exact same information to both....the account with the personal name and a photo of a human for the profile picture attracts 3 times more followers. Not what you thought was going to be the case...right?

What are your thoughts?

Michelle Corteggiano

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Reader Comments (25)

This is very interesting, I would have used the business name, but after reading this, it makes sense that customers want to know you personally. So, it really would be better to use your name instead of your business. Nice tip! Thank you.

Excellent advice about letting others know the business owner name. -Don Schindler

I think that you should use your business account address of most of your tweets will be based off your business, otherwise I would use your own name or a nickname.

This is such good information to have. As a woman that is just now trying to start my own business it's great to know that it is best to be myself in Twitter so that I can build more relationships with people on a personal level.
Thanks so much for sharing.

Great article! I would have never thought of that! Thanks

A very interesting article. I really enjoyed reading this article

In my opinion, it would be better to use the business name. Especially if the business is already established, most people would recognize the business name over the owners name. I would however let prospective customers know, who the owner is, as they read the tweat etc. Besides, the business often has a character of it's own, and that should come through. Regular customers know, who the owner is anyway. You would not want your business success to depend on someone liking your personally, but rather on the products or services you offer. Ideally, you have good employees, that give the same great service as you yourself, and some customers would not be able to tell, who the owner is, as long as they buy from the business; remember, it's not a beauty contest. Before I sold my business, I had a MySpace account under the business name.

i think you are so very right. so many companies have logos and celebrities as there company sponsors. yet when you call for service, all you get is answering service. for the business owner. i think this is the best way to get customer response to new advertising, new services, etc.

You got it right. While its better for the company website to have the company name, the twitter id needs to be more personal as customers expect a person to be personally involved in the updates. However a reference to the company and the company website needs to be there on your twitter profile.

I agree that you should use your name, not a business name. I agree that people want to put a face with a name, and do business with a PERSON within a company, not just be a number in a company's customer log.

I agree that it is impersonal to use the business name. People want to know who they are paying their money to. When you think of a small business you usually think about the person who owns it or works there. For example, I don't talk about my mechanic's business without talking about the man who owns it. I always recommend his business and I always mention his name when I recommend it.

I notice many companies using the company name on their Twitter accounts. I think it would be helpful to be able to search for the company I want to follow on Twitter, rather than the name of the owner of the company.

I agree that it is better to use a real, personal name than a business. You want customers, and need to appeal to what most potential customers appreciate. Indeed, people like to connect a business with a name and a face. Also, it is best to use the same name in multiple locales to keep uniformity, clarity and reinforce who you are. If someone is concerned about privacy, using only a name rather than adding easily accessible personal email, or additional information, should alleviate most concerns. If you want to be sure your business name is seen often, perhaps it is possible to combine both the personal name and the business in some manner.

I think it all depends on what kind of person you are. If your personal life is shady or would not reflect well on your business, it might be best to divorce yourself from the business itself. If you use your real name and use it in a personal manner, all kinds of factors can hurt your business, such as who your friends are. A few bad friends who use Twitter for unsavory things and who love to spam you with these things can make you look like a bad person and may make potential customers shy away.

Using the business name will be a suitable choice because its your business you want people to know about. Once they know about your business, eventually they will get to know about your name also.

I know absolutely nothing about Twitter, but I'm going to say the business name. Through a personal name is what it implies, more personal, I feel that a business name would stand out a little more than a personal name when you're trying to get it out there. Good luck with the decision!

I believe that using your business name is the best way to go. Remember that you are using this to get free advertisement as well. People are going to look up your business, not your name. Can you get two twitter names? Maybe one for you and one for your business? Then you can accomplish both: personalizing your business and legitimacy.

I totally agree that by using your personal name people will feel more connected to you as a person. The down side to that is when people think there your friend they expect to be treated differently than if they thought you were a business. Friends have to be more accommodating than a business.

Yes, using the business name helps.I remember dell selling record number of servers with its discount outlet on twitter.

I recommend using your business name. If people are going to look you up on Twitter who have done business with you, they're more than likely going to look up your business name and not your personal name. At least I think that'd be the case anyway!

Ask yourself what you're trying to brand, and go with that. Or use multiple accounts and send messages that are specific to what you're trying to achieve with that account. Much like ATI and its founders do.

I'd go for both, using the personal account for relationship building and the company one more as an official newsfeed. Sometimes you WANT the official version of the company's standpoint.

very nice article. ok ..i love both personal and official. we need the two ways . thank you.

This all seems far too black and white. Would the best option not be a personal Twitter feed that tags your biz account, therefore allowing multiple employees to tag the biz and provide a holistic view of what that company is about. A company is more than 1 person/voice.

We had this very discussion today with a client, and decided the business account would be a 'news feed' for articles related to the industry and the personal account would be more of a voice. The business account would retweet the personalities of the business. But there needs to be strategy around the profiles for both the company and the personality, the tweet protocol and the goal of followers. For us, the client really wanted the company to not seem salesy and this worked

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