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Get Your Social On - 5 Ways to Stand Out in Social Media



So, the Social Media phenomenon is front page news right now and everyone’s trying it. For that reason, we felt it was time to share a little observation we have made.

The “Social” in Social Media is what makes this new media so attractive. It’s what draws people to you and makes them want to connect and interact with you.  Recently it seems that with everyone (including the most recent explosion…businesses) jumping on the bandwagon, there is some sort of confusion.

Please allow us to clarify and share some recommendations on “How to Be Social”!


  • Participate and Contribute – Get plugged in and “get it on” (old car dog lingo) with people. Try not to be the guy that only gets comments and never answers anyone back. People WANT to engage on these sites. Contribute good, accurate, funny or useful information on live feeds, groups, pages and lists.
  • Be Smart and Practice Good Manners/Etiquette – Be smart about what you post, these sites truly have become your online resume. In the wrong hands, this new media can hurt someone as fast as they can help someone. Practice good manners/etiquette such as; Happy Birthday wishes, good comments on others posts, congratulations, thumbs up, re-tweets, #followfriday recommendations, thank you’s, give credit where credit is due, help promote your friends family co-workers and the area in which you live etc…
  • Avoid Controversial Topics – There are plenty of places to view controversy! We recommend your Social Media presence does not become a place known for controversy. Avoiding the top 3 (Sex, Drugs and Religion), will help rank you as likeable.
  • Avoid Too Many Self Serving Posts – Spam is a big issue in Social Media, marketing your offer without permission is a bugger! Self serving posts/links should be limited. If you have something to offer, a product, a service, an opportunity or a business, focus on sharing good info related to that specific industry. This will help deem you as an expert in your area. We recommend 8 non self serving posts to every 2 self serving posts.
  • Be As You Are – We now live in a world of Personal Branding! The #1 recommendation we can make is be true, be genuine, be yourself. Users of this new media are very savvy to a fake. What makes you unique? Talk about it! Be who you are, talk about whatever it is you are passionate about…Become Your Brand!

 Engaging with people is what fuels this new media. Now…go get your social on!!

Michelle Corteggiano

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Reader Comments (16)

I liked what you said about maintaining a level of professionalism. It's important to remember that anyone can see your postings, even those whom you wish could not.

The recommendations of the author on "How to be social" are very good. Thanks for this great article.

I disagree with the controversial topics. Voice who you are, even if controversial. Controvery tends to bring in curious followers and people who want to debate with you.

These are very useful tips indeed, for any discerning social media member. They are very helpful to others also, who want to be in the forefront of things!!

Its very interesting and nice. Basically all kind of pupils will surely like this article because it is about social media. All the five ways in the article are absolutely very useful to be a common man.
Thank youu and continue to present these kind of articles.

What is said above is right. Social networking is emerging as the biggest online time passer.... To be honest " A TIME KILLER'. Many are wasting their time on websites like orkut and facebook. In to my view, There is not much these sites can do with your social life. Many people create a fake identity there. What I mean to say is, we cannot assess the social behavior of a person from his profile. Issues have come up where misusing these media even became fatal. I doesn't intend to scare you. You may say that everything has its own merits and demerits. But this statement doesn't solve the problems created. Hence at the least be cautious.

I feel the post is nicely written and lot many people would benefit from it.

I love this article! It's so true and stated in a fun, cute way! I completely agree with the ideas of the author and think they're great suggestions for how to "get your social on".

I feel the author has given some valid tips about how to stand out in the social media. However, always remember that pretty much the same rules as real life apply everywhere, so just use your head before taking an action on these social networking sites and you'll be fine and integratin' in there!

It's a good thing they say to be yourself. We all need to find our good sides. My life pursuit is to be unique. Lots of people nowdays are trying to be somebody else and I hate that. The only person you should try to impress is yourself.

Some of the commonly needed and forgotten by some tips have been provided here. Indeed well said and rightly pointed out.

In my way of thinking its a very helpful article for many people and they will get surly benefits from this article its very nice

i searched in the most of the website for this kind of article. bt i found here. thank you for this one. it is useful for most of the media persons and and other who interested. i agree to all these in the article are true.

Well written, and to the point! Great advice. Kay

Tips given in this article are very useful for 'How to Be Social'. These five tips are applicable to all who wants to increase their social networking. I am a very high user of some of these sites and believe me social networking will become a very effective mode of communication in future.

This is very well written article on How to Be Social. Michelle has given very practical recommendations, which we should follow while connecting through social networks. Great job!! Thanks.

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