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12 Ways to Make Your Blog or Website More Social 


It’s no secret, you have to be social these days! My travels have taken me down the path of analyzing many sites for their social potential and I must say…there are a lot of you out there that are going to ove this post.

I have put together a list of things you can do right now to help your site become more social today…enjoy!

  • Call to Action to Join the Conversation – Simple, very effective but widely forgotten. Just ask…people love to be guided to the next step. Make sure you have a strong call to action in a highly visible area of your site asking your visitors to join you in the social world.
  • Icons Linking to Main Social Sites – Facebook, Twitter & YouTube icons that link directly to its perspective social site are a must. Quick note on the Facebook url…make sure you use the unique username you have created for you Facebook page. If you use the short unique url and someone clicks it, it will go directly to your fan page without asking them to join or login. If you use the long url Facebook provided, they will be asked to login or join and you will most likely lose that person. Go here to claim your url if you haven’t yet: Facebook Unique URL (must have 25 likes to get your url)
  • Social Badges/Plugins – Facebook has some amazing free tools to help you promote your fan page. The perfect gateway from site to social! These may require a very simple coding that your web team can handle in a matter of minutes. Go here to check out all of the free plugins Facebook offers: Facebook Social Plugins
  • Like, Retweet, +1, LinkedIn Buttons for Blog Posts – These buttons make it effortless for the reader to share your blog post. If they share you win with mass exposure. YES, you do want as many people as you can sharing your content. Raving fans will help grow your business faster that you could ever imaging…make it easy for them!

For Wordpress users: Re-Tweet by Tweetmeme – Like by Bottomless - Google 'Plus One' Button by KMS – LinkedIn Share Button by John Blackbourn & Frank Prendergast

  • Facebook, Twitter & Google+ Live Feeds – You can run a widget on your site that will show all of the action on your social sites. There are feeds available for Facebook, Twitter and Google+. They serve 3 purposes:
  1. Let’s your visitors see what you have going socially right from your site
  2. Allows visitors to like, follow or add you to their circle right from the widget without leaving your site
  3. SEO! (search engine optimization) All of the feeds are searched for relevant keywords to your site. Big help for getting the search engines noticing you and growing your page rank with Google. 
  • Wibiya – This company offers a free option for a bar at the bottom of your page that has connections to all of your social sites. Look to the bottom of this page right now and you will see it! Click here to get the free bar: Wibiya
  • RSS Feed – Again simple but highly forgotten! If you offer blog posts you have to have an RSS feed so your readers can subscribe to your content and be made aware when there is new content to read. This IS a BIG deal. Check out this article on RSS feeds for more info: What is an RSS or RSS Feed
  • QR Codes – A quick scan of your code can send your reader directly to the area where they can become a fan, follow you or subscribe to your channel. You can also pre populate a text message in their phone to like or follow you on Facebook or Twitter. Check these codes out!

If you need help with QR codes get in touch with me! I have access to the most comprehensive QR code generator, tracking and analytics EVER! It will blow your mind

  • Outstanding Bio/Profile Page – Our new economy has created a world full of people that LOVE to “know” the face of the brand. Consistently, my profile page is the second most visited part of my blog. This tells me what I have expected…you must have a kickin’ bio and you must not be scared to put it out there, let people “peek behind the curtains”. Here are some tips on how to write your bio: How to Write a Wicked Good Social Bio Profile
  • Photos – Statistics show that the number one reason come to Facebook is to see pictures. With that said, wouldn’t it make sense to have a photo section on your site? Let me help you…YES it would! Add one right away if you don’t already have one.
  • Social Bookmarking – Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon etc…Make it simple for people to bookmark your blog post. This will add it to a massive directory of good content and people will be able to access it there too. Also, in some cases, you will get an incoming link to your site that counts for SEO. If you look just below this article you will see a share button if you want to check it out.
  • Solicit Comments – At the end of your blog post, ask the readers to engage. Ask them how this pertains to them? What do you think? Have you ever experience this etc… You want to get them talking for 2 reasons.
  1. To get the conversation started
  2. For SEO – search engines will view the content more relevant for the keywords of that post if it gets lots of comments and will move it up in the rankings


There you have it! A great place to begin…please feel free to ask any questions in the comment section and I will try to help. Also, if you have ideas on how to get social on your site feel free to add them in the comments also.

Thanks for reading : )

Michelle Corteggiano

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Dominick here. I see we share the same interest in the Network Marketing Industry. Maybe we can share ideas and concepts. After all, it's all about helping each other.

Let's connect. :)


I really haven't seen any growth due to the addition of social media to my blog. But thats just me.

Good articles or blog posts and it is so very helpful.

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