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Pinterest & SEO: 10 Rock Solid SEO Tips for Pinterest!



Pinterest & SEO...are you, like many, overlooking the power of optimizing your Pinterest account so search engines find you every time? Well, quit that and let's get down to getting seen!

Want to know the 11 areas you need to optimize right away?

1. Image Name: Not sure if you were aware of this but the search engines do look at names of pictures. So it is a great idea to name your images with keywords very relevant to that image.

  • So for instance on this image I would name it “Grand Traverse Bay Traverse City Michigan”. Lots of words in that image name that could be found in a Google search. 

2. Add Link: After you pin a new image to one of your boards you should click "see pin" and then edit. Once you go into edit mode you will see a place for an outgoing link. Use this one link wisely to try to achieve desired results

3. Description of Image: 500 character keyword rich description goes here! Use keywords early and often but make sure they flow smoothly like a sentence.

  • So for instance on our image description could read: Grand Traverse Bay, Traverse City Michigan.  Northern Michigan’s beauty is just what the soul ordered etc…

4. Hashtags: Add hashtags in pin descriptions and in pin-board names as Pinterest now recognizes them

5. Name of Boards: Each board has it’s own URL and search engines put big scores on keywords in URL’s. So carefully choose the name of your board to reflect the biggest keywords you are trying to incorporate.

5. Username: Your Pinterest username becomes part of a URL also so once again…use top keywords in your username

6. About Section/Bio: Completely fill out your about section. Make sure you have a section of your bio that is keyword rich.

7. Location: Search engines love geographic’s so be sure to add the location to all pins.

8. Open Pinterest Up to Search Engines and Facebook & Twitter: Make sure you aren’t hiding you account from search engines in settings and turn on Facebook & Twitter for more exposure (see image)

9. Website: Add a button on your website directing to your Pinterest account

10. Add to Your Fan Page: Add Pinterest on your Facebook fan page – As of right now I haven’t found a Pinterest app for fan pages but I have found a work around that works pretty good … How to Add a Pinterest Tab to Your Facebook Fan Page

NOW...Go set yourself up to be seen and visit me while you are there : )

Michelle Corteggiano Pinterest








Reader Comments (1)

Thank You Michelle

Because of you my Pinterest App is up and running on my Facebook Fan Page. I now need to work on placing images to my boards :-)

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