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What Are the Benefits of Using Analytics in Business?


Analytics are everywhere for your use for free! Google Analytics, QR Code Analytics, Facebook Insights, YouTube Analytics and so many more. Are you using them… or are you like many business owners I meet that just haven’t been exposed to the benefits of analytics? Well read on, then you tell me if you think analytics would help your business...

In a nutshell, analytics is “insider knowledge” of your marketing efforts. A, shall we say…legitimate ”crystal ball” for your business’s marketing campaigns. I don’t know about you but I certainly welcome a legit crystal ball into my business with open arms.

Here are some starter benefits that analytics can and will provide. Remember, this data is coming from your “real live, interactive & engaged” audience. In other words…right from the horses mouth.


Habits - Where Did Your Visitor Come From?

  • Social Media
  • Web
  • Print Media

Gauge Response – Are You Sending the Message Your Audience Wants to Hear?

  • How many visits is it getting?
  • Is it grabbing attention?
  • How long did they stay on their visit?
  • Is it persuasive enough?
  • How many times did they come back?
  • Did conversion begin- did you get them in your sales funnel somehow?
  • Was a sale made?

Gather Your Audience’s Demographics

  • Age, sex, location

Where they were when they interacted – right down to street level

  • What time of day was it?
  • What day of the week was it?
  • What day of the month was it?
  • Where are your best/most visitors located?
  • What kind of device did they visit from – mobile

Quickly Determine Which Marketing Campaigns Work – Split Testing

  • Which ones are creating the most traffic?
  • Which ones are creating the most conversions/sales?

Quickly Determine Which Campaigns a Are Ineffective

  • Remove and improve!

Just imagine having all of this valuable data that can help you make sure each and every marketing campaign maximizes at every level.

Bottom Line: Your audience will tell you exactly what they want…do a bunch more of that.

Welcome to analytics!

Michelle Corteggiano

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