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Marketing on Facebook…Do You Understand What Works?



I get the question all the time…"How do I Market on Facebook" and, hats off to the people who are actually asking. 

Times have changed, a new economy has emerged before our eyes and we must adapt to what attracts our customer in a new social world. All businesses marketing on Facebook (and all other social networks for that matter) must become “social businesses” on the web. Just a little hint…the “socialization of your brand” needs to happen internally, on site, as well as on the web!

With that said, here are a couple of golden rules when marketing socially

  1. Do Not Spam – Duh…seems like a no-brainer but, I see it every day. Remember, the audience you are marketing to in the social world is not there to see your message, they are there to be social. Interrupting them with your stinky spam will not work…okay?
  2. Add Value – Make sure that the mass majority of content you post is valuable to your audience. Think of it like this…if your message were a text message and all your customers or potential customers are going to see it, will they want to opt out or will they be glad they got the message. Is your message valuable?
  3. Look, Listen and Engage (Monitor) – Watch what people are saying, make sure you acknowledge every comment or question and act on what they are telling or asking you. After all, what could possibly work better than giving them exactly what they told you they wanted?
  4. Be Consistent – Once you are there, they will expect you to be there all the time. If your audience returns to see no new engagement, it will be difficult to keep them coming back.
  5. Be Patient • Be Warm & Fuzzy to Gain Their Business – Ultimately, we are marketing on Facebook to increase sales but, remember back to the day you opened your doors for the first time…did they knock down your door with credit card in hand or did you have to caress relationships and go the extra mile to capture their business? Of course you had to work at it. Social media is not turnkey marketing, it is relationship marketing and the better you become at adding value, giving people what they want, making them feel good and becoming a resource…the more business you will create via Facebook.
  6. Appreciate Each & Every Follower – I keep hearing things like “I only have 900 fans”. To that I say CONGRATS! You must have done something right … now go make every one of those 900 feel like they are sitting in first class! Remember, this is not a numbers game, it is a relationship game. The business with the most real relationships wins in this new economy.

Stat by implementing these six marketing techniques on Facebook and I promise the seas will part and you will see the way. Next, get and read the book The Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk…he flat out nails it in this book.

Before I sign off, I wanted to share an excerpt from an article I read that does a great job summarizing the philosophy of marketing on Facebook…Enjoy!

“Social Media is not a broadcast medium, it’s not a platform for interrupting people. It’s an interactive medium. In fact, the social web is very close to offline interaction. You wouldn’t interrupt people in the middle of a telephone conversation with an ad, so why do the same thing on Facebook? If you saw two people having an intimate chat at a party, you wouldn’t go over and suddenly interrupt them, to tell them something that is not related to their conversation. The social web requires marketers to build relationships with customers. This requires one to one attention. It requires responding to every post or comment that people leave you. More importantly, people are looking for short-term wins on a platform built for long-term relationships. Relationships take time, and are formed from many sequential interactions. Too many marketers are currently approaching Facebook by trying to close on the first date. And even if they succeed, it’s unlikely to be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

What you know about advertising on TV, or in print, does not apply on Facebook. It’s a completely new, and transformational medium. It took our ancestors many years, at times decades, to understand the new technology that faced them. Let’s not make the same mistake. Don’t apply how you work with existing media to a new transformational medium. “ Full article here: Why Marketers Misunderstand Facebook 

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Michelle Corteggiano



Social Media ROI?


Obsessed with figuring out ROI (return on investment) in social media? Many are ... and frankly that’s because it’s their job!

I am currently reading The Thank You Economy written by one of my mentors...Gary Vaynerchuk, a man with a brilliant grasp on business, our new economy and social media. He touches base on ROI in his book and I wanted to share an excerpt that I think ALL BUSINESSES NEED TO READ:

“Nielson conducted a study on what drives consumer trust – 70% of people turn to family and friends when making purchasing decisions. Where have people been talking to their family and friends lately? Facebook reports that 60% of the people online are going to social networks with half returning every day. If there is ROI in friendship and family, there is ROI in social media.” 

“We often forget the symbolic relationship between trust and ROI.”

“If consumers trust other consumers more than they trust traditional advertising, and the platforms to convey their trusted recommendations are now reaching billions, the ROI should start to enter the ‘no brainier’ zone”

So what does this mean? It means it’s past time to build strong relationships with your network. Relationships that will stand the test of time and new competitors because you were their source for (insert your product, service or opportunity here) before anyone else. Once you have built a bond that strong it would be very difficult for your competition to nudge their way in.

It’s time to build massive brand advocates, people who will go to bat for you and promote you ALL of the time. It’s time to treat every 1 person that enters your network as your only customer and bend over backwards to make sure they are happy…even if they haven’t done business with you yet! THEY WILL if you treat them like no one else is, I promise that!

Looking back to my very first piece of content I put on my blog 4 years ago…I described a new phenomenon called attraction marketing which is exactly the business/marketing world we all live in now. If you have not embraced this yet, HURRY UP!!!

“Getting back to the basics, it's the rebirth of the....You help me and I'll help you "relationship building" theory. It's like going back to old school marketing in the days where people did business with someone because they knew, liked and trusted them.... unlike recent times where the company with the biggest advertising budget wins (which by the way, is a dying statistic). Throwback means the reappearance of an earlier ‘way we do business’ characteristic dating back to the ‘Little House on the Prairie’ days.  Attraction Marketing is just that....Throwback Marketing!”

Your social ROI is directly correlated with the bond of the relationships you have built with your network Now…GO GET SOCIAL and treat every new person in your network like they are your best friend!


Michelle Corteggiano

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